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Last modified: December 27, 1997

This site was put together as a final project in a Women's Studies course taken in Fall semester 1996. We chose Women and Slavery in the US because there was very little information on female slaves on the internet.

The areas we researched are as follows:

We also searched the Web and found a variety of links on the subject of women and slavery.

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This site was awarded the DoeWalking Community Award for the week of September 29, 1997 - here's a sample of the review:
Lyn Reid's, Carol Hawthorne's, Dimitrios Alexiou's, and Katy Riley's excellent project for their Women's Studies class is a must-see... They have broken a vast, important, and largely overlooked topic down into several useful sub-categories, and they provide a fine list of related links as well. [This site] is a great service in plugging the gaps in research on this topic at a good introductory level!

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